Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Totals and Weekend Update

June totals
Swim: 1.36 miles 
Bike: 70.38 miles
Run: 6.65 miles
Walk: 3.61
Elliptical: 7.32 miles
Yoga: 20 mins
Pilates: 30 mins
Rest days: 15

Yikes on the running numbers in June. I did not do well. But I was also having trouble with my shins and as you can see the walking and elliptical were added and have a few miles on them. Not an amazing number, but at least I was moving!  This month (July) I’m joined a running challenge (again, Yikes!). The challenge is to run 50 miles in the month of July. Of course it’s not going to be 100% running, but I’m going to count my running workouts towards it. Maybe when I can run consistently I’ll re-try the challenge to actually run 50 miles in a month. But for now, I’m doing it this way because it’s the only way I can do it and at least I’m doing something! 

This weekend has been a plethora of training and I loved it. I finally got to get in the lake and swim! I’m so tired of swimming in the pool, it’s boring and annoying to fight for a lane or get pushed into another lane in the middle of my swim because of swimming lessons or they are changing the lap lanes, or something else ridiculous. I might start heading down to Hopkinton State park and swimming there during the week. I don’t know how much more of lap swimming I’ll be able to handle now that I’ve been in the lake this summer!  And as a preview for July’s totals, I’ve already swam more this weekend than I did in all of June. Oh yeah!

I bought bike shorts last week and got to test them out this weekend on the Cotton Valley Trail. I did NOT bike toward SpookyVille, but I did go into town and back on the trail twice, because once just wasn’t enough.

 Although the bike shorts do cut into my legs a little bit, the comfort in the seat area definitely outweighs that issue. Why didn’t I own bike shorts before now? I did 13 miles on Sunday and I felt no discomfort at all.

I almost didn’t get to ride my bike this weekend. I packed the bikes up on Friday night, locked them to the car, and took off. Once I got to my place in NH, I realized that I had thrown the bike lock keys on the back bumper of the car and forgot about them. So I had to find a bike store in town and have them cut off my cable.

I have an extra key at home for the lock so I can use the lock again if I get a new cable, but it wasn’t doing me any good at home. I bought a new cable with a combo lock built in so I don’t have to worry about keys again. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve left something on the bumper of my car and took off. It was the 3rd. And probably won’t be the last. I’m smart, I know.

Although I know I should probably get another run in tonight to up my totals for my 50-mile run challenge, I’m letting myself have a rest day today. I’m exhausted from this weekend. And Bruno Mars just says it best:

I love this song, but this is the first time I've seen this video and I'm torn between being hysterical or horrified. Maybe both.


  1. Great monthly wrap-up! I know I felt the same way when I tried bike shorts - what took me so long? (I know what took *me* so long - the way I look in them) The comfort factor trumps even the way I feel about how I look...

    I've thought about trying some yoga stretching, too. There's a class at my gym.

    I envy your lake swimming. We have no place around here suitable for open-water swimming. I don't have a fear of open water, but I am very leery (and grossed-out, and yes, OK, afraid...) of leeches.

  2. You'll get there! Keep adding each month!!

    And the Lazy video...I hear ya, hilarious and freaky to be sure!!!

  3. OMG, I love that song but that is the first time I've seen the video...never could have imagined something like that, but I think I like it!

  4. Nice work this month! Amanda is right... keep adding (gradually) to your total mileage each month.

  5. I had something I was going to write here. But then I read Caroline's comment. And now all I can think about is leeches. Add that one to my list of water fears. I may never get into the lake for the triathlon!


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