Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April vs. May: The ultimate showdown on National Running Day

April totals
Swim: 1.45 miles
Bike: 42.16 miles
Run: 18.5 miles
Rest days: 12
Yoga: 20 mins

May totals
Swim: 2.62 miles
Bike: 25.27 miles
Run: 18.03 miles
Rest days: 15

Compared to April, May sucked. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but my running was less, my biking was almost half, and I had more rest days. I need to work on that hardcore. Swimming looked pretty good though! I really felt like I did more in May. And seeing the numbers puts me in my place. So I need to cut it out and stop with so many rest days. I mean, I know I need to rest my body, and I think I really only took rest days when I was in pain, sick or utterly exhausted (or unless I hadn’t taken a rest day that week and it was scheduled). Except for last weekend. Two of those rest days were complete laziness. But 2 out of 15 isn’t too bad. Should I really be putting myself down for this? Or is it normal? I feel like I should have done better.

I’m stepping up my game in June. I swear. Maybe.

I started that enthusiasm with a run this afternoon. I had a vet appointment for my mom’s cat at 6pm. I get out of work at 5pm, So, I planned to run after I got home from the vet at around 6:30 or 7pm. Instead, I got out of work early around 3:15 and called my vet to get an earlier appointment. They didn’t have one for the cat doctor, but I needed to take my dog, Snickers, in for her yearly exam anyway and scheduled a 4pm with the dog doctor.

Meanwhile, a huge storm front was moving through.

The white X is where I live. On the outskirts of the storm.
By huge, I mean severe thunderstorms and tornado watches. Since it was only sprinkling when I left the vet’s office for the first time, I decided to get my run in before my second vet appointment. I took my other dog, Finn, with me. He’s 7 months old and not a good leash dog, but I figured, practice makes perfect, right? So we set out. It was barely sprinkling as we started and figured I wasn’t going to melt so why not? Well, after about 3/4 mile, it started downpouring. That’s why not. One of my neighbors saw me go by and opened her door and yelled out to me “We’re under a tornado watch! You should get inside!” I replied “Yes, I know, thank you!” and continued on my way.

See those 3 blue spirals? Yup, tornado touchdowns.

Finn actually did quite well on the leash.
New running partner!
Completely soaked.
What was I thinking? I have to admit, I was more concerned with getting hit by lightening that I was with a tornado. I was counting the seconds between lightening and thunder to make sure I was safe. All of a sudden, I saw lightening and counted to ONE, before the thunder snapped all around me. Finn was jogging slightly behind me at this point and he hightailed it up to me and tried to go between my legs, almost toppling me in the process. I was already soaked, I didn’t need to fall into a puddle, thankyouverymuch.

I took that as a sign to turn around and go home. After vet appointment number two, the sun came out. My timing is amazing.

But about the actually running. I re-did Couch to 5K week 2 day 3, since I hadn’t run in a week, but I felt like it was easy. I mean, not easy, but I probably could have done week 3 day 1 which goes from a 1:30 running intervals to 3 minute intervals. And, this was outside and not on my treadmill where I’ve been doing the C25K program. I thought it was going to be harder. I was pleasantly surprised. However, my biggest critic (myself) had been analyzing everything. Either my biking last weekend really helped strengthen my legs and made my running stronger, or, I was running a lot slower than I do on the treadmill. My pace on my Garmin says that I was running slower. WAY slower. Yet my average times are right on point, even faster, than what I was doing on the treadmill. Whatever, who knows. Blame it on the rain. And really, isn’t the point to keep running for longer periods of time, and work on the speed later? Right, I thought so.

I guess it was only fitting that today is National Running Day

I found that out tonight after my run. No, that’s a lie, I heard about it earlier today on twitter, but I forgot about it until I saw people talking about it, and showing off their badges, when I was reading blogs tonight. So of course, I got my very own badge. I mean, really, If I’m gonna do it, I want a medal badge for it.

Uh, not really. I run because I have to. Because it's part of the triathlon. It doesn't feel great. Whoever tells you that is lying. It hurts.


  1. LOL you are so funny! Good for you for getting out there and running in the rain. I wouldn't mind running in a drizzle since it would be much cooler than the sun beaming down!

    My pace outside is MUCH slower than the treadmill pace, but I still prefer outside. It's more "realistic" and the treadmill HELPS you move that fast. Outside it's all body strength, so it just feels better to me. Plus your triathlon AND the half marathon are outside, so you should be come acclimated with running outside anyway. :P

    But yeah like you said I am not concerned with speed, more the time I can spend jogging as opposed to walking. Especially with that minimum pace requirement, it makes me nervous! I DO NOT want to be picked up for going too slow! Less than 9 months to go!

  2. OK, awesome job! I find that having a schedule helps me (I'm using one from - Other people, however, have told me that having a schedule makes them want to run in the other direction! I still think you're doing fantastic. Glad you're safe after the insanity yesterday. LOVE the dog, btw! What a cutie!

    I haven't run outside in a couple of weeks, but plan to today. I have 2 Border collies who would be happy to run with me. I'll have to pick one, though - I know taking both doesn't work for me! One leash per person!

  3. Running in the rain was actually quite nice. I don't mind getting wet. In fact, I didn't even mind the downpour. I was already wet and the rain just washed away the sweat. Although it was an odd feeling when the rainwater was warm and not cold because my body was heating it up so fast. But overall, it was nice. I'll definitely go out in the rain again!

    I also re-checked my pace. It said my average walking was 3.1 and my average running was 5.2. Both of which are faster than what I do on the treadmill. I do 3 for walking and 5 for running. It just felt slower. My pace was an 18:03 minute mile. My race pace is 14:xx something. So I KNOW I can go faster, but I just don't. Haha. Maybe the adrenaline of the racing is what gets me going. I can hold it for a 5K...we'll see about a half marathon!

    I do have a schedule and I've been following it as far as biking and swimming, but I just can't get the running down. I'm working on it.

    One dog as a time is my limit as well. With two, they want to race each other. I don't need that drama while i'm trying to do my thing!!

    Thanks for the support!!!!


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