Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you need some inspiration?

This is my inspiration for today.

Thumbs up for Rock and Roll

One of these days I'm going to ride my bike to and from work, and make it a regular thing. One of these days. This kid believes in me, so I can DO IT!


  1. I need to start doing that too. I only live like 2 miles away!

  2. I've been talking about it for a while now. According to my GPS, I'm only 3 miles away from work. Mapped out on, it's about 4 miles. Either way...not a long distance at all. I do 8-10 regularly. I can handle 4!

  3. I'm hoping that my fiance and I get the condo we made an offer on. I'd be able to walk to work! :)

    You can definitely bike to work. Think of how much gas money you'll save! :)

  4. I think what's stopping me from doing it is two things. One: the HILLS. I don't even like driving up them!. Two: I'd have to wake up that much earlier! OH And I just thought of the 3rd one. Where would I put my coffee??? My bike sure doesn't have a cup holder!


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