Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. It’s around that time of the month when pizza and chocolate make me happy. I came home today craving pizza for dinner. I knew I had some frozen ones in the freezer so I didn’t bother ordering out & spending $20 on a pizza. When I got home all I had was Kashi. Apparently I was feeling “healthy” when I picked out a pizza from the Natural Foods section of the store.

After pulling it out of the package I was less excited about having pizza for dinner. But under no circumstances can you not have pizza when you have been craving pizza all day. I decided to give it a try and if it sucked, I’d call & order a pizza.

It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. It was okay, but definitely not satisfying.  And of course, as soon as I finished eating, I saw a commercial for Papa Gino’s. Their pizza looked better. Murphy’s Law at it’s best.

2. I haven’t been on my bike in 28 days. I have been so focused on running and getting in the lake to swim that I’ve slacked on the biking. I’ve done the stationary bike at the gym and I’ve done spinning classes, but I haven’t been on my bike at all in 28 days. That’s pretty crap. If it weren’t for Hurricane Irene blasting us this weekend, I’d plan a ride to get back into it. But speaking of spinning, I love it. I have done it in the past and haven’t really been that into it. Now, though, I love it and can’t wait til my next class. I’m hoping they’ve been keeping my legs strong enough to survive on the bike.

3. Since starting all this race business, I’ve never experienced a race cancellation. I’ve heard of other races being cancelled or rescheduled with no refunds, but it hasn’t happened to me. Until now. I was planning on doing the Tavern to Tavern 5K on Sunday, but due to the impending hurricane, it has been rescheduled for September 4th. I’m going away that weekend and can’t make it. It sucks because there are no refunds so I can’t get my money back and, of course, I can’t go either. I’ve been monitoring how they’ve been handling this on twitter and whoever is organizing this race has been unnecessarily rude to the participants who are, understandably, upset about the change in date. Being a holiday weekend, lots of people already have plans, myself included. I figured I’d just lose out on the money so I didn’t contact them about a refund, but some people have and they were met with rude responses and sarcastic remarks.

For your viewing pleasure, just a few convos:


That's almost as good as a 3 year old stomping their feet and crying when someone blames them for something.

Apparently these guys were absent the day that they were teaching people how to attract participants to your race and not alienate them by being an uncooperative and unsympathetic. Nice job Tavern in the Square. Thanks for the invite to next year’s race, but I think I’ll stick with organizations that are not rude to participants. I’ve already dealt with sarcastic nitwits sponsoring races this year. My quota is already filled. 


  1. I'm not even running that race and got called out in that snarky tweet! I just expressed, to a friend, my thought that rescheduling for a holiday weekend that a LOT of people travel for was dumb. (I'm @diveri)

    Anyway, I feel bad that you guys won't be able to run and won't get a refund. What if you needed batteries or water for this potentially devastating hurricane and now can't afford them?!

  2. Is this a series race? Maybe they had no other Sunday to substitute? Huh... still no call for the toddler behavior.

    Sara, I'm sure the spinning classes will help your cycling tremendously! I haven't done spinning classes, but I've used the Expresso Bikes at the gym a few times. (May be doing it again on Saturday due to weather.) I'm always surprised at how much harder it is than my bike, mainly because on the computerized bike (this one has the video screen to follow) I can't stop pedaling, even going "downhill"!

  3. I understand the need to cancel the race for safety, but I'll never understand the need to be rude to people who want to give you money to run your race and frequent your bars.

    They may have my $28 for the Tavern to Tavern 5K, but they'll never get another dollar from me at any of their locations because of their attitude and the way they treated runners in this situation. I'm @byelenak by the way, and thanks for posting this!

  4. I can understand why they'd reschedule the race, but I think the way that the race directors are handling participant comments and concerns are being extremely childish. I certainly wouldn't want to sign up for one of their races!

    I actually like Kashi's frozen food. Some of their non-pizza items are delicious.


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