Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Ice Bath

Today after my 5K race I added on 4 more miles that slowly turned into a walk to finish my 7 miles for the day. My legs were killing me and was looking forward to getting into the jacuzzi and relaxing. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered something about getting into a hot tub after running isn’t good and an ice bath is better. After being out in 36-degree weather all morning I wasn’t too keen on a cold bath. I had my friend google “hot tub vs ice bath after a run” and found an article on that explained the benefits of an ice bath and why I shouldn’t soak in a hot tub. Ugh. I was still unsure though. But I was already hurting, so I decided to take the plunge.

I could sit here and describe to you how my very first ice bath went, but I really think that the following pictures and video is the best way to show it. Enjoy my pain.

As this video was being shot, I was mad! I didn't want proof of this ridiculous decision I had made. After it was all over and I watched the video, I realized how hilarious it was. I cannot stop laughing at myself!



  1. That just doesn't appear fun at all.

  2. Hi Sara! You are doing GREAT. Your video did make me bathes SUCK!

  3. Oh this video is AMAZING! I can't believe you said you would beat your mother!! Please by all means feel free to post more videos.

    Way to go on the 7 miles, you'll be up to 13 before you know it!! Good Job!

  4. You are a very brave girl. I don't believe what they say about ice baths - anything so awful isn't worth it!


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