Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 Recap

November totals
Bike: 0
Run: 33.19 miles
Walk: 3.22 miles
Yoga workouts: 2
Rest days: 15

Races:  5K4Life in which I was on track to PR and was misguided to the finish line so I fake PRed instead; 5th Annual Gobble Wobble in Southborough – a new Thanksgiving tradition for sure!

Gobble Wobble...hence the turkey on my head.
The good:  I ran for a half mile straight several times in a row during my first ever 6 mile run. Longest I’ve been able to run continuously EVER in my life. Also 33.19 miles ran in one month!! Wow. If I had been doing my Marathon Month challenge in November, I’d have kicked it in the pants!

The bad:  My fake PR.

Did I meet my November Goals?

I wanted to fix myself. Eh. Well, there will always be aches and pains I guess. On my way home from the Witch City 5K at the end of October, I stopped at PR Running and bought compression socks. I now wear them during every run and I no longer have calf pain while running. I suppose that’s a start right?

I wanted to start kickboxing. I didn’t. Fail. My Groupon expires in January, so it’ll be sooner rather than later!

I wanted to run outside more. I did!! But not as much as I’d like. I did several of my runs on a trail near my house in NH. I also did some on the trail behind my work. And of course my 5Ks were outside. I’ve been doing my best to get at least 1 run outside per week, but I’d like my goal to be 2. The speed workouts (or my attempt to be speedy) I feel more comfortable doing on a treadmill where I can control the pace and make sure I stay at that pace for the entire interval. I can’t control that outside. Same with tempo. Can you? If so, how?

You Searched What??
More crazy searches that lead people to this blog. Funny stuff! Search queries are in bold. My comments are italicized.

0 degree haircut - I don’t know what that means. Maybe I should Google it.
yellow fire hydrant - Someone actually searched for this and found MY blog....??
drunk woman at raceshilarious!
12 days of Christmas workout - I have to admit, I’m curious.
some people go crazy - And I’m one of them!!
famous Christmas songs - I don’t think I’ve even discussed Christmas on my blog. We’ve still got time people!
meatball costumeAt first, I was confused. Then I remembered my 5K costume race.
teach my assThis sounds like a scary boot camp workout. Sign me up!

What are some of your funny search queries?

For December

Races:  Reindeer Run Festive 5K; Winter Classic 5K – not only are there T-shirts...there are fleece hats!; Jingle Bell 5K – medals! (I’m up to 3 medals now!)


1. Continue to run for longer intervals. For my 6 mile run, I ran .5 miles at a time. For my tempo runs, I run for 10 mins at the end of the run instead of a shorter 3 or 5 min interval. I want to bump that up.

2. PR at one of my 5Ks. Right now my current PR is 49:03. My “official” PR is 47:something, but I don’t count that because I ran the wrong way during the race. Still upset about that. If I could beat that 47: something time, it would take away all the pain!

3. Complete the first half of the 30 for 60 Challenge. NO REST DAYS!!

What are your December goals?

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