Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The foam roller has won me over.

I take it back. Every mean thing I've ever said about a foam roller, I take it back.

I just finished the 30 day squat challenge and holy hell can that do some damage on the quads. Honestly, I was expecting more oomph in the glutes and hamstrings area, but it was more about the quads. The knees didn't feel so hot either. But the quads were a-burning.  Maybe I was doing it wrong. When you get up there in the squat count, it burns more. And without adequate stretching, it can cause some sore muscles for a few days afterwards. I learned early on that if there wasn't time for stretching, make time. 

Or, utilize the foam roller. There was one day that I could barely sit down because it hurt to get up and down from a sitting position. My legs were absolutely killing me. From across the room, my foam roller was giving me the eye. For a brief moment I forgot how much the foam roller caused me pain in the past. I decided to give it another try. It took less than 3 seconds for me to remember the pain. That ish is for real! I rolled twice and said "Eff this!", and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, praise Jesus, it was a miracle! No pain. None at all. I squinted with one eye at my foam roller and said "So you DO work". And then I realized I was trying to converse with an inanimate object. It's okay, it's happened before and they haven't locked me up yet.

Now I'm slightly obsessed with these 30 day challenges. Next up, the abs challenge, but at the same time, I'm doing another modified squat challenge; ie: One I've made up myself. I was disappointed with the lack of glute firming that the 30-day squat challenge gave me, so I'm going to move onto sumo squats to help dat ass. Baby got back.

I've also noticed that in the past month, running has gotten easier. I know, gasp. My problem with running hasn't been the breathing, it's been the tiredness in the legs. I've been able to run longer since starting the squat challenge. So I suppose if I ever want to see results in running, I'm going to have to keep it up with the squats. Who am I?

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