Monday, November 7, 2011

Week Five: Disney Princess Half Marathon Training

Week Five

I was sick pretty much all week, so not much got done. bleh. 

Monday – yoga sick

Tuesday – rest sick

Wednesday – run sick

Thursday – rest sick

Friday – run walk

I finally was able to move around. I had been laying around all week (for good reason) but I felt like I was falling behind, and I was stiff, so I wanted to at least walk and loosen up the joints. Afterwards, I felt dizzy and lightheaded. Obviously not a good choice.

30 mins – 1.22 miles

Saturday – rest

Left the house for the first time all week. Finally started to feel more human.

Sunday – long run: 5 miles 3 miles

Did the 5K4Life in Cambridge, MA (race report coming soon). I had planned to tack on 2 more miles after the 5K, depending on how  was feeling, but I was aggravated with how the 5K ended (I only did 3 miles instead of 3.1 due to poor race directions and PRed, but not correctly. I was on track to actually PR and it bothers me that the lack of race preparation took that away from me.) so I didn’t. Then I figured I’d just hop on the treadmill when I got home for the last 2 miles. However, when I got home, the ball of my foot on my left foot felt like it was bruised and I couldn’t walk without limping, so I scrapped the last 2 miles.

There were medals!!

3 miles – 47:28 (15:49/mi pace)

Hopefully next week will be better....


111 days until the Disney Princess Half Marathon!


  1. Next week or I should say this week will be better. Awe you wore my shirt! :-)

  2. Yes!!! The ENTIRE race. Do it for disney! You won't regret it!


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