Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Recap

October totals
Bike: 9.44 miles
Run: 25.92 miles (highest ever! Whoop!)
Walk: 3.47 miles
Yoga workouts: 3
Rest days: 15

Races: Cambridge5K Oktoberfest (As a volunteer because there was an issue with my registration); Witch City 5K through the streets of historic Salem, MA

And although it wasn't a race, I attended the Light the Night Walk in Boston Common to support a close friend of mine. It was a great night

The good: I started yoga and it’s been a great tool for getting me back on the path to stretching. Also, even though I had some trouble with the foam roller, I’ve embraced it for some areas and I started using The Stick for other areas.

The bad: Ridiculous hip/back pain. Still searching for a new chiropractor in my area that might actually help. Or a massage therapist. There are several that work with runners and do massages specifically to help running issues. Maybe that’s all I need.

Did I meet my October Goals?

I wanted to create a workout routine and I did. I’m following Jeff Galloway’s half-marathon training plan for beginners. I haven’t added in much as far as cross training except yoga and a rouge bike ride. I’m working on it.

I wanted to start yoga. I did and I love it! My Groupon is going to run out soon and I need to figure out another payment plan. Boo.

I wanted to start kickboxing. I still haven’t. Maybe next month. Or at least before the Groupon expires!

I wanted to meet more fitness minded people. I have! I went to a Boston Blogger meetup! The ladies I had dinner with were a lot of fun! We have plans to meet up again soon.

And in the next few months, I’ll be seeing a lot of my tri-training buddies because we are all doing some 5Ks together!

You Searched What??
More crazy searches that lead people to this blog. Funny stuff! Search queries are in bold. My comments are italicized.

gross hotelI can only imagine that this is because of this post.
shirtless jogger -  I can promise you, I will never. Never.
cambridge 5k yulefest -  I’m so sad that I probably won’t be able to do this one.
stressed out my assat first, I thought this said ‘stretched out my ass’ and I was concerned.
double crossed legs -  I can barely cross my legs once...how the hell do you do it twice?
peeing womenmost women do, but I sure don’t blog about it.
pizza sprint I would sprint for pizza, yes.
creepyvilleI’m not the only one!!!
5k t-shirts – it’s all I want out of all this
big buttyes, I know. Thank you.

What are some of your funny search queries?

For November

Races: 5K4Life on November 6th – a race the I chose because it’s on National Running Day and medals to all finishers!! They also raise money for ALS research; 5th Annual Gobble Wobble on November 24th – They have a 5K and a 2-mile walk. Last year I did the 2-mile walk with my mom. This year I’m doing the 5K and my mom is doing the 2-mile walk again.

Mom & I at Gobble Wobble 2010

This is a new thing. I've been contacted by companies to try out samples of certain products and you know me, I love free stuff! So I agreed. I also randomly review things I love. Your welcome.

Crystal Light Pure: Are you Pure? Crystal Light Pure review and GIVEAWAY!

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS): If you don't love EMS, you should.


1. Fixing myself. Figuring out a way to run and not hurt or limp my way through the runs. I need to get stronger in running, not hurt myself even more.

2. Kickboxing, maybe.

3. Run outside more. It’s hard because it’s cold and it’s way easier to run on the treadmill, but none of my races will be on the treadmill!

What are your November goals?


  1. You can do this - listen to your body... work through the injuries SAFELY - get a pro fit shoe (this is utmost importance), listen to your KNEES and ANKLES - following the running program is such a good idea.

    9 months is plenty of time to become a triathlete. Stay consistent. Mind your aches and pains - treat them the first time you notice them. Most of all... remember the end game, which is to live healthy for the rest of your life. Every healthy decision is progress, no matter how small.

    Last encouragement: Monitor what you eat and drink (before your runs especially), find out what fuels you right and what makes you feel crummy. You got this!


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