Friday, October 14, 2011

Boston Blogger Meetup!

Tuesday night I attended a Boston Blogger Meetup at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. True, I don’t live in Boston, more like 45 minutes outside of Boston, but it’s close enough.

Voted one of Boston's Best bars by Esquire Magazine
The restaurant was AMAZING! I can't even begin to count how many times I've walked right past Eastern Standard on my way to a Red Sox game via the Kenmore Square T station. I always thought it was too fancy for my liking. Now I can take that back 100%. It has a 30's vibe to it with the classy decor and music. The manager was so accommodating and kept coming by to ask us how everything was. He had seen us tweet about the meetup and was waiting for us. Apparently he was excited for us to come by. I don't think that's ever happened in my life experiences with restaurants. "Oh hi, we were expecting you, so glad you chose to come here". Pretty awesome. Our waitress was beyond amazing too. She spent a good amount of time explaining different wines and drinks to us and went out of her way to split the check for us. With 7 people at a table, that can be a pain, but she was really cool with it. I’d definitely go back there. You should too!

The ladies I met up with for drinks and apps were fabulous, fierce and totally fun to be around. We discussed topics from fitness, to health, to food & wine, to relationships, to everyday life, to blogging tips, and tons more.

Alli, Erin, Samantha, MB, Sara, Sarah, Maddie
Picture courtesy of Erin
Let's pimp, shall we? Check out these ladies on their blogs:

It was interesting to be around like-minded blogger people and I didn’t feel like a total fool for whipping out my camera in the middle of a restaurant. Let me explain: I’ve always been a person who takes photos of almost everything I do, whether it’s for blogging purposes or not. I just like to have pictures to document everything I do. It’s fun to look back at them and say “Oh, yeah, I forgot about that!!” hand the picture to a friend and said “Remember this??” and then have a great time reminiscing about the good times. Who doesn’t love that? I take picture a day for my personal Facebook page and I hadn’t taken that picture yet, so I figured I’d take a picture of my meal. The food arrived and before I got my camera out of my pocket, I saw flashes going off all around me. Everyone had whipped out a camera and was taking pictures of their food!!!!! Who does that? WE DO!

Flatbread with tomatoes, olives and camembert

Spinach lightly sauteed with olive oil and onions
It made more sense for them to take their pictures though, because a few of them of food blogs, and a few have everyday blogs. I think I was the only one there with a triathlon running (or an attempt at running) blog. Why would I post pictures of food? I’m not a foodie by any means, nor do I have any interest in blogging about food. I mean of course conversations about food are relevant while training for a race and looking to food for fueling correctly and not burning out, but I don’t blog about just food. Moreso the craziness I go through as I try to become an athlete. (It’s still funny). However, after discussions about different bloggers in the area and popular bloggers out there, the discussion turned toward food blogging and such. For the past few days I keep checking out different food blogs. There are some pretty ridiculous recipes out there. Good and bad. I found a few that I’ll be trying soon and some that made me gag just looking at the pictures and ingredients, but don’t expect pictures from me. I won’t be blogging about it. Unless it’s fantastic. Then maybe. One day down the road I’m sure I will eat those words, pun intended, but only time will tell. (Or maybe I already have with the above pictures, GAH)

Just now, as I type this, The Chew is on TV. A new daytime show about cooking. Seriously it’s like someone’s trying to tell me something. Or they just know me well enough to know that food trumps exercising anyday!

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  1. It's amazing how a group of people who never met before can feel so comfortable together. It was a great night. Thank you for inspiring me to run. Made it through Week 5, Day 2 of the C25K with a 20 minute run. First time ever. I look forward to seeing you again. Rock on!


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