Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week One: Disney Princess Half Marathon Training

This marks the beginning of my half marathon training!! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Marlene, logs her training for big races by making notes on each day of training and posting that weekly. I need something other than dailymile to help me track my training. Don’t get me wrong, I love dailymile, I just need something else to help keep myself on track. What better tool than talking more about myself? Ha! I also want to be able to look back and see my progress. Since I’ve switched from triathlon training to half marathon training, I decided to use Marlene’s strategy to help keep me on track.

Week One

Monday – yoga

I’m initiating a new thing: Yoga Mondays. I have had my eye on Groupons that have passed through my e-mail for Yoga for a long time. For some reason, I kept missing them. Finally I caught one in time. It was for Metrowest Yoga. I went Monday night and fell in love. It was beginner yoga with no heat. Really? No heat? I sweat in places I didn’t know existed. At one point as I was in downward dog, Sweat went up my nose. UP MY NOSE!

It was my first yoga class in over 5 years and I loved it! It was beginner friendly, thank the Lord, and the instructors were really helpful with modified poses for those of us who couldn't stand on our heads on our first try. I kid, I kid. But at one point, they got us all ready for Crow Pose.

I don't know who they were kidding if they thought I was getting up into that! When the instructor said "It's okay if your crow doesn't fly, some crows like to perch", I was grateful. Only because if I was forced to try to "fly", I'd probably have hurled myself forward and face planted into the ass in front of me. Classy, I know. In case you were wondering, I perched.

I forgot how much of a workout yoga is!! I'm sore all over, but it's a good sore! Starting the week off with Yoga Mondays from now on!!

Tuesday – run

First day back running since the triathlon. Yeah, 23 days off. Not completely “off”. Just off from running. I had been walking to keep myself moving, researching to see what training plan I wanted to do and thinking about how awesomely awesome I was going to come back and get at it by being a runner. Or jogger. Whatever. Don’t judge. I did better than I thought I would. I wasn’t amazing, but I felt strong and like I didn’t really regress during those 23 days.

30 mins – 1.75 miles (17:03/mi)

Wednesday – rest

Sweet, sweet, rest. Not completely though. I had a CRP and first aid class and pushing on those fake dummies is an arm workout!!

Thursday – run

Finally got to run outside on the trail I’ve been wanting to test out. I’ve ridden this trail during the summer a few times, but that’s it.

It's actually quite pretty
It was cold. I don’t like the impending doom of winter and running outside. I will probably be a pansy and treadmill it as much as I can. I realize I’ll be sweating while running and not be uncomfortable cold, but breathing in the cold that heavily, hurts. I don’t need that. I will reevaluate as it gets colder and I complain more. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated!

30 mins – 1.77 miles (16:59/mi)

Friday – rest

Saturday – long run

Or as I like to call it...”long run”. My first "long run" of my training program. It felt very weird to be considering 2 miles a long run, especially since my 30 minute runs earlier in the week were about 2 miles with the warm ups. I guess that's why I'm a beginner! :) I followed the rules of the long run and walked/ran slower. My average pace equaled out to close to my regular walking pace! Was a very nice and easy run though! I tested out some new running shoes that I bought a few months ago, but haven’t gotten around to using yet. I didn’t want to try them out until after my triathlon and I wanted to test them on the treadmill so they didn’t get dirty in case they didn’t work out. I’m undecided. They are really light and airy and would be nice in the summer. But summer is over. And while they don’t hurt my feet or legs, they don’t feel amazing. I need to test them out again. Of course by the time I’m done testing them out, I’ll have worn them so much, I’ll be attached to them. Plus, they’re blue. And so pretty!

They are a lot more blue that this cellphone camera picture allows.
2.01 miles – 40:03 (19:54/mi)

Sunday – bike

My first biking expedition since the triathlon! My bike and helmet still had my racing numbers on them! It was time to dust the cobwebs off and get it done!

I biked the Minute Man trail in Cambridge towards Bedford. The entire trail is 9 miles one way. We went about 4.5 miles because we were on a time crunch.

Arlington center at the Minuteman Bikeway
There was a slight incline of the trail on the way out towards Bedford, which was made noticeable on the way back when we flew down the trail about 5-7 mph faster than we had been going on the way out. I really enjoyed this ride because it wasn’t a training ride! It was purely for enjoyment and being outside on an 86 degree October day in Boston. I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike for just fun and not to see how much faster I could push myself or stopping to check my pace every few moments. It was great! I hope it stays warm for at least a few more weekends so I can do this again!!

9.44 miles – 1:05

Good week, I’d say!! I’m proud of my first week. And wicked excited for YOGA MONDAY tomorrow!!! Love.

Oct 3 - Oct 9


  1. Awesome! I ran DL and WDW half this year, but would love to run Princess in the future! LOVE runDisney events!!!!

  2. Nice week! I look forward to following the rest of your training for the race! Good luck!


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