Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Recap

September totals
Swim: 0.99 miles (1742 yards)
Bike: 12.79 miles
Run: 6.13 miles
Walk: 9.55 miles
Spinning: 20 miles
Elliptical: 0
Core workouts: 0
Rest days: 22

Races: The one and only Title 9 Women’s Only Sprint Triathlon. The one race I’ve been training for, for the past 9 months. The one race that prompted me to start this blog. The one race that got me interested in all this running business. Who would have though 5Ks would be fun? (well, not the actual running part, but you know what I mean).

The good: I kicked ass in my triathlon and beat my goal time of 2:15 by finishing with a time of 2:14:53. Very proud.


The bad: Feeling slightly out of the game for the second half of the month. After my triathlon I wanted to take a week off and really relax. I did that but only came back into it less like a lion and more like a lamb. Consider me the end of March. I’ve been walking to keep myself moving until my half-marathon training starts because I don’t want to start day one having done nothing since the triathlon, even though it feels like I’ve done nothing.

Did I meet my September Goals?
  • I wanted to hit my 2:15 triathlon goal. CHECK 
  • I wanted to relax after my triathlon, and seeing 22 days of rest for this month, I sure did. For shame. 
  • I wanted to start running with a friend in the morning for motivation. She backed out.
  • I wanted to join a run club to get new tips on running: I’m still hesitant. I’m so not a runner. These people run 6-10 miles regularly (and easily). So basically I show up to the run club nights, say hi to everyone and watch them take off as I run by myself. Why would I pay money to join a club if I’m running alone? I need to find a beginner run club. But most beginners don’t join clubs. So I guess I’m SOL.
  • I wanted to stretch more and I, in fact, stretched less. I hurt. My calves, hips, and thighs feel tighter and trying to walk it out hasn’t helped. I need a stretching routine and I need to find one that will work for me. I have no idea how I’m supposed to stretch. I’ve read so many articles on it and tried so many different stretches that I’m pretty sure all I’m doing is contradicting myself. Any ideas, tips or tricks are greatly appreciated. What is your stretching routine?

You Searched What??
I recently started using Google’s webmaster tools to see stats for my blog. In doing so I came across a list of search queries that led people to my blog, or even pulled up my blog in the search results somewhere. I think it’s only fair to share these, since I think some of them are hilarious. Search queries are in bold. My comments are italicized.

sara beachI’ve been to the beach before
chunky dunkingOk, I did that one duathlon, I get it
big butt showdown -  I didn’t know there were showdowns!
i miss you more and more each dayI miss you too. Who are you?
extreme workouts -  I don’t know who’s lying to you but no workout I’ve ever done has been “extreme”
runaround -  This makes sense. I’ll take it.
big butt -  Yes, I have one, thank you, I just didn’t think my butt would make it onto a Google search.
every damn day just do itSure, but I’m still taking my rest days dammit!
water swimming -  Is there another kind of swimming that I don’t know about?
sara lordBut you can just call me Sara
shirtless workoutThis has not and will not ever happen. I don’t even know WHY this is here. Unless there’s a cute guy involved, then yes, I approve!
teacher going crazy -  story of my life.
mooningum. ?? what?
kids mooningan even bigger um. ?? what?
5K foam fest -  I’ve never been to that but it sounds like fun!!

There were a lot more listed that just didn’t make sense and I don’t know why my blog was pulled up for the searches, but they weren’t as funny. I guess I’ll never understand how Google’s search works. What are some of your funny search queries?

For October

Races: Cambridge 5K Oktoberfest (As a volunteer because there was an issue with my registration); Witch City 5K through the streets of historic Salem, MA; and I’d like to do another one on or around Halloween. We’ll see.


1. Create a workout schedule. I already have my half-marathon training schedule mapped out and worked around other things in my schedule. But I want to add in other activities like spinning, yoga, strength training, and kickboxing. And still have time to sleep.

2. Begin yoga. I bought a Groupon for 5 yoga classes at a nearby studio. I know yoga can be a great workout and it’s a huge component to stretching. I am more interested in taking yoga as a way to help me stretch than I am to use it as a workout.

3. Begin kickboxing. I love hitting things. I especially love hitting things when I’ve had a bad day. It gets my aggressions out better than any other exercise and it’s a killer workout. Trust me. This is from yet another Groupon that I bought. The only problem is the gym I signed up with is 45 minutes away from me. They have night classes, and I don’t mine working out after work, I just don’t like working out too late. When a class starts at 7:30 pm, I’m not getting home til close to 9:30 or 10. Then it will take forever to wind down and get to sleep. Life is tough, I know.

4. Meet more fitness-minded people in my area. I’m a member of but the groups I belong to are more social than active. I’m going to try to find more active-type meet-ups and get out there.

What are your October goals?

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