Monday, November 14, 2011

Week Six: Disney Princess Half Marathon Training

Week Six

Monday – yoga rest

Still not feeling completely well and still a little congested. Didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to breathe during class and end up having a coughing fit.

Instead, I got a haircut.

Tuesday – run

It was a BEAUTIFUL 65-70 degree day!!! Went on another lunch run. Forgot my Garmin, so I had to use the Runkeeper app on my phone. I set it to give me reminders to run 4, walk 2. I ignored it for most of it, running and walking when I felt like it. A few times it was less than 4 mins running (uphill), a few times it was more than 4 mins running (downhill! ha). Felt calf tightness even though I was wearing compression socks.

The best part of my week was this picture:

myself vs. myself
I think it personifies me perfectly. Looking at me, and hearing my story, I look and sound like a runner out for a lunchtime run. In the background you can see my shadow – my true self – the fat girl about to scarf down an ice cream sandwich. This picture is just perfectly awesome. Who I am vs. who I want to be.

30 mins – 1.76 miles  (17:18/mi)

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – run

Did speedwork on the treadmill. I did the pyramid intervals again going from 4.0 up to 6.0 with 3.0 walk breaks in between. I find when I’m doing these, I can’t go more than 1 min if I’m above 5.0, yet when I’m slower than 5.0 it hurts more when I run. It’s so weird.

30 mins – 2.01 miles (14:55/mi) *Entire workout 40 mins – 2.4 miles (16:42/mi)*

Friday – rest

Got out of work early and headed up to NH for a relaxing weekend with my favorite people.

Saturday – rest

Sunday – long run - 5 miles

Since I only did 3 miles last week when I was supposed to do 5, I decided to do the 5 this week instead of the 3 on the schedule, even though there are 6 on the schedule for next week. With my mid week runs of about 2-2.5 miles, I should be okay with 6 next weekend instead of 3. This training plan alternates between adding a mile on for a long run until I get up to the half marathon distance and doing a 3 miler. No biggie if I switch weekends right? At least not now when it’s still close enough to 3. Or something like that.

This was my longest run thus far. It was all mental for me. I just told myself I had to get 2.5 miles, then I could be done and turn around and go home. The "go home" was another 2.5 miles, since I did an out and back, but mentally, it helped me to think of the run as being over after the first half and I only had to get back to my car. Did a combo of run 2 walk 2 for the whole time, with .25 mile warm up and cool down.

Plus with views like this, it made it hurt a little less.

Right as I was leaving, I was told it's hunting season.
Then I ran through this. So pretty though!
5 miles – 1:27:52 (17:33/mi pace)

I really can't believe that I'm six weeks into this training cycle and I'm actually keeping up with it. Minus being sick last week, I've held on pretty good. I mean, let's talk again when the plan asks for 10 miles. Then we'll re-think this! But hey, I might actually be able to run complete a half marathon in February after all!

104 days until the Disney Princess Half Marathon!


  1. Your comments on that first picture crack me up, but listen here you - you are no "fat girl" and there are no ice cream sandwiches here! Last I checked you were training for a half marathon! Nice work!


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